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Species 2000 and Species 2000 europa had a group of successful meetings in Paris (23 - 26 May 2006) marking the achievement of 'Half of All Known Species' in the Catalogue of Life.

The meetings ran over four days and included:

  • Species 2000 Secretariat and ITIS consulting meeting at CODATA/IUBS building on Tuesday, 23 May
  • Catalogue of Life Partnership meeting at CODATA/IUBS building on Wednesday, 24 May
  • Species 2000 Team meeting at CODATA/IUBS building on Thursday, 25 May
  • Species 2000 Annual General Meeting and Species 2000 europa Regional Meeting at the Laboratoire d'Entomologie, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle on Friday, 26 May

Participants at the Species 2000 Team meeting (left to right, Cyril Gallut, Mike Ruggiero, Frank Bisby, Yuri Roskov, Peter Brewer, Richard White and Karen Wilson)

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