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There are two Catalogue of Life web services which provide programmatic access to the two checklists.  Please read the terms and conditions for using Catalogue of Life data within your own system including how to cite the data correctly.  Please read the about the Catalogue of Life page to ensure that you choose the correct checklist for your needs.

Annual Checklist web service

If you would like programmatic access to the Annual Checklist you can use the Annual Checklist web service available at:

Using a correctly formatted URL you will receive an XML document containing the taxonomic information you require.  Full documentation for this product is also available at the above address.

Dynamic Checklist SOAP web service 

The SPICE Common Access System (CAS) that runs the Dynamic Checklist is available via an AXIS / SOAP web service at:

This web service is used by the Catalogue of Life Dynamic Checklist web interface. A Species 2000 document describing this web service is available for download. Further information about AXIS and SOAP can be found on the Apache and W3C websites.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 May 2007 )
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