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Species 2000 plans to deliver a standard set of data for every known species. These data will be drawn from an array of participating taxonomic databases.

Species 2000 has defined ten field groups to be the standard set of data for each species (or infraspecies).

1.  Accepted Scientific Name linked to References (obligatory)
2.  Synonym(s) linked to Reference(s) (obligatory, as appropriate)
3.  Common Name(s) linked to Reference(s) (optional)
4.  Latest taxonomic scrutiny (obligatory)
5.  Source Database (obligatory)
6.  Additional Data (optional)
7.  Family name (obligatory)
8.  Classification above family, and highest taxon (obligatory, as appropriate)
9.  Distribution (optional)
10. Reference(s)
11. LSID (new field since 2008)

You can download the full standard dataset documents here:

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