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The roadmap to have your database accessible by the Dynamic Checklist is as follows:

  1. Questionnaire and metadata (about each database)
  2. Online access (both for reviewers and for the checklist to use)
  3. Peer review (& technical review / locating the Species 2000 standard fields)
  4. Joining Species 2000
  5. Access agreement (permission for Species 2000 to access the database)
  6. Mapping fields and wrapper writing
  7. Testing the connection to the hub (IT and Biological content testing)

Step 6 - requires that a 'wrapper' to your database is written. This wrapper, when queried, returns results as an XML file which conforms to the Species 2000 XML Schema. The document "Guidelines for writing a SPICE wrapper program" describes the steps required to write a wrapper for your database.

Java Wrapper 

The most widely used wrapper is the Java wrapper.  The documentation and source code is available for download:

Python Wrapper

A generic wrapper called PyWrapper is available for connecting your database to the Dynamic Checklist.  Unfortunately the SPICE protocol is only supported in version 1 of the software and development has now finished on this version.  The current version of PyWrapper doesn't currently support SPICE although work is due to commence soon.  Please visit the PyWrapper website for more information.

PHP Wrapper

Various PHP wrappers have been written.  Please contact the Secretariat if you are interested in obtaining the code as a starter for your wrapper. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 April 2007 )
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