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If you wish to use the Catalogue of Life content on a public portal or webpage you are required to notify the Species 2000 Secretariat, and to assist with a check that the correct credits are given.  Credit must be given at the following three levels on all occasions that records are shown. The three levels credit the complete work, the contributing database of the record, and the expert who provides taxonomic scrutiny of the individual record. For example, these might be as follows:

  1. The full product name (e.g. Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2007 Annual Checklist) or one of the 'Powered by CoL' logos shown below.
  2. The full or short name or logo of the contributing database (e.g. Fulgoromorpha Lists On the WEB or ITIS).
  3. When provided, the latest taxonomic scrutiny field (person string & date), such as R Govaerts, 30/03/2004 (from RBG Kew Checklist), or IG Horak, 03/01/2004 (from TicksBase).

Commercial use of this compilation or any of the species datasets contained within, such as replication of the CD-ROM for sale, or dissemination on the Internet, requires written permission from Species 2000 and ITIS.

Guidance on how to incorporate Catalogue of Life data into your own system can be obtained from the  Species 2000 Secretariat.

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